Show me the (CNN) Money!

Got Facialytics?

What’s that?

Short answer: it has to do with technological advancements in facial recognition software, one of the many bold, new frontiers investigated at this summer’s Photo Hack Day in NYC held by Aviary.

CNN’s Laurie Segall covered the story and our Beer Gardens NYC bro, Raj, who by day works as Marketing Manager for Tracks, a hot new NYC tech start-up, was there to wax way smart on the topic.

“When there’s this new technology, people want to use it — especially developers who like to try the latest things,” Raj Moorjani , the marketing manager for photo-sharing app Tracks, said at Photo Hack Day. “People are trying to experiment with it and see how people react.”

After the event, of course, he went out for a beer. ;)


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How does your beer garden grow?

First off, Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Here in Beer Gardens NYC Landia, we’re busy celebrating both the holiday and the release of the app’s 2.1 version: 63 beer gardens, more than 1,000 beers, and countless hours of “research” logged in.

The new version of the app has 11 “Top Picks” as well as nine new beer gardens. Congratulations to Harlem Tavern, Spritzenhaus, Lot on Tap and several others, all of which opened this summer. Also, kudos to Battery Park, which relaunched this Memorial Day with expanded draft and food menus and a family-friendly focus e.g., they have milkshakes!

Stay tuned for more beer gardening goodness as we welcome fall and our very favorite holiday, Oktoberfest.

Raj & Hope






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Wassup with Us?

Last night Raj and I hit “Send” on the latest version of the app!

Beer Gardens NYC Version 2.1 will be available in time to celebrate summer’s last hurrah, the Labor Day weekend.

2.1 retains all the previous cool features e.g., Foursquare, GPS functionality while adding a whopping nine new city beer gardens to the guide list.

Yes, nine. Since April ’11. That brings the total of NYC beer gardens covered in the app to a whopping 63.

In a word, w-o-w.

And the number of beers is now more than 1,000.

In a word, a-l-o-t (of beer). :)

Already have the app? Great! Once the new version goes live on Ye Ole App store, you’ll get an automatic ping to download it at no additional cost.

In a word, f-r-e-e.

That’s how we roll.

Let the good times roll…

Hope & Raj




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Globally Yours

Beer Gardens NYC will turn one on September 2nd. That’s the day we first went live on the App Store. Version 1.0 featured 50 beer gardens, which seemed like a lot at the time. 2.0, which launched in April ’11, added four more venues, plus techno bells and whistles we weren’t able to include in the first version–Foursquare, GPS, and other cool sharing features.

Now we’re ramping up to launch version 2.1 with nearly a half-dozen new or re-launched city beer gardens. Just a year later or almost. We expect 2.1 to go live before the Labor Day weekend. It seems as good a time as any to not only look forward but backward to where we’ve been.

Both are good places. :)

Users of Beer Gardens NYC hail from more than a dozen countries. In addition to these United States, we’ve received downloads from Canada, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, France, Ireland, the U.K., Italy, Australia, Japan, India and Panama.

Along with all the great U.S. press coverage, including three articles in The New York Times, we’ve been covered by TV Japan, BBC Travel, French Morning, and Germany’s Focus Magazine.

So while we look back at where we’ve been–and ahead to where we’re going–it seems as good a time as any to send out a big heartfelt thank you to all of you who’ve supported us, and continue to support Our Little App That Could.

Raj & Hope


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Latest Press Goodness & Random Rantings

Two nice bits of press came out in the last few weeks that referenced our app. Yay!

Okay, so maybe there were shades of snark involved–not everyone understands what a beer garden is (or isn’t). Are there really fifty stein-tastic spots in NYC Landia?

No, actually at this point there are a bunch more. Beer Gardens NYC 2.0, which released in April ’11, listed 54. We have a dozen or so new (or relaunched) beer gardens we’ll be including in our next release of the app. Look for Beer Gardens NYC 2.1 sometime between now and Labor Day.

Already have the app? Or you were planning to plunk down your 99 cents but now you think you’ll wait?

Don’t! Once you give us your hard earned coin–and face it, we are talking under a buck–you automatically get any and all updates. Quelle deal!

In our app, we focus on beer gardens as adapted to the NYC environment. Yes, there should be some communal tables. And primarily beer. Good beer. And yes, yes, yes, a tree or two is really a good thing. Add a polka band and we’re in Beer Garden Heaven.

That said, we New Yorkers are an adaptable lot. It’s not like we all have tracts of open acreage at our disposal. Sometimes what we have is a rooftop. Or a side patio. Or a backyard with a cement slab. But maybe that slab is painted green–and preferably a grassy green.

Our point: beer garden purveyors in the city that Lady Liberty calls home do a darned good job with what resources they do have.

Topping those resources is diversity. In addition to traditional Bavarian style beer gardens, we have those that hail to the traditions of Ireland and Italy and Southeast Asia, too. Personally, we think that’s kinda cool.

As for the flora and fauna sensibilities of some purists, asphalt cleans up easy. We’re just saying.

Without further ado, check out our latest pressies: BBC Travel and The San Francisco Chronicle.

May your beer stein be ever more than half full!

Hope & Raj

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TV Japan and Beer Gardens NYC

We had a lovely surprise a few weeks back. Out of the proverbial blue, TV Japan got in touch, asking to interview us for their segment on New York City beer gardens. Check out the resulting interview with Raj, which includes a short demo of our Beer Gardens NYC App.

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Where in the World…?

…Are Raj and Hope?

The short answer: NYC of course!

Indeed, on any given weekend between St. Paddy’s Day and Oktoberfest, you’re highly likely to find us sunning and sipping at a NYC beer garden. Fact is, we’re slated to stop by four new beer gardens this Saturday. Which ones?

We’re not telling.

Yet. ;)

Still, we want to take this opportunity to say that we do, on occasion, get out beyond the beer garden gates to explore other cool aspects of Big Apple Landia. I mean, we’re not always just about the beer.

Check out this Photo of Raj making the scene at Mashable’s Social Media Day at the Brooklyn Bowl. Photo by NBC News.



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What’s News With Us

Raj and Hope at the famed Apollo Theater, Harlem, NYC.

If you think opportunities for summer fun in the city pretty much end with the fireworks on The Fourth, then think again.

July is Beer Month and German-American Friendship month in NYC Land-ia, and your intrepid Beer Gardens NYC app-sters have been making the most of both.

For starters, we’ve been revisiting the 54 beer gardens on our 2.0 version of the app, notably Eataly’s Birreria, the latest brainchild of uber chef and restaurateur Mario Batali. (Hope has had a soft spot for Batali ever since she first wandered into The Spotted Pig three years ago and having our app mentioned in the same breath as his by New York Magazine only solidified that fondness). This oh so chic Chelsea rooftop beer garden is listed in the previous versions of our app, though the venue wasn’t open this time last year. It’s open and then some now with a weekend waiting line to get on the rooftop elevator. (Note: it’s worth it!).

We’re also visiting some new play-ahs on the scene, notably Harlem Tavern. We dropped by HT on July 2nd, the day after it’s soft launch opening, and enjoyed a quick cold one at one of the umbrella shaded patio tables. (Note: there are communal wood-topped picnic style tables and benches, too). We’re looking forward to a return trip and to trying out the eclectic menu.

While we were in the neighborhood, we revisited Harlem beer garden pioneer, Bier International, which opened in late summer 2010. At that point, hunger called. (Apparently you can’t really live on beer alone. Who knew!). Hope threw herself on a plate of fish tacos while Raj tackled a traditional burger.

We rounded out the day with a pilgrimage to the iconic Apollo Theater.

What can we say, when you’re us, the “research” is endless. :)

Hope & Raj

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Happy Fourth o’ July Weekend

Happy Fourth of July weekend. Whether you’re on the beach or the beer garden bench, or both, have a great one!

Raj & Hope

PS: Suggested holiday weekend brew: 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA. You can find it at Canz a City Roadhouse in Astoria, Queens.

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Congratulations Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Kerri Carpenter @QuestionKerri, our Fabulous Fallon Contest winner!

Kerri’s signed copy of Jimmy’s THANK YOU NOTES will be en route to her this week.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to Retweet our post and enter. We hope you’ll look for other fun, sudsy blogs throughout the summer.

Hope & Raj

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