Got Chicha!

Locals chill out with chicha. As you can see, it's exciting stuff.

Hola Beer Peeps:

The Hope half of the Beer Gardens NYC team is back from Peru, home of Inca archeological goodness–the Inca City of Machu Picchu celebrates the 100th anniversary of its rediscovery this 2011 year–great hiking, and yes, beer!

Chicha, Peruvian corn beer, has a fascinating history that lives on in the local chicherias found in nearly every Andean town.

Bar Central?

To learn more about chicha, sapo, and other fun deets on my Peruvian pub stop, check out my guest blog today at the uber cool BooksAndBrews.

Holidays are hectic. C’mon over and have a beer with me. :)

Happy Holidays–and Happy Trails,

Hope & Raj



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